As a Personal Trainer, Life Coach + Nutritional Guru for over seven years, I’ve led countless women into health, happiness and body love. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients in dozens of industries and their results have been astounding but most of all life changing. My clients regularly achieve quick results on the scale, in their love lives and most importantly, in the mirror.

When I'm taking a breather from designing my next program — or teaching workshops — you can find me penning journal entries form the heart, hiking with my studly 80 lb. Great Dane/Blue Nose pup, and touring my new home city Charleston.

I've been featured in Oxygen Magazine, on the MindBodyGreen, and the Elephant Journal. 

When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them:

“I bring women back to their confidence, body love and vibrant health; from the inside out.”

But what I really want to say is:

“I show people how to make health, fitness and body love ridiculously easy and fun.”

And what I really, really want to say is…

“I read stacks of fashion magazines, binge-watch NETFLIX shows, write close to the heart blog posts inspired by real life  + create online courses that feel like wearing a hot pair of Louboutins…because the more FUN I pour into my work, the more confidence + love I'll get back.”



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