Are you a Mirror Mean Girl?

Can you say nice things about yourself or are you Mirror Mean Girl?

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Today, is day two of the body love project and I’m already struggling. 🙁 Why? Well, I have become very accustomed to motivating myself with things I don’t like about me. For instance, we tell ourselves that we’re lazy so “go do something” or “you’re fat, so go lose weight”. These are ways that we break down our self-confidence every day without realizing it and then we lie to ourselves by saying we’re becoming more confident, because were working on our health… Nope, you are hating yourself enough to do something in an effort to change, but in the process you use hate as a motivator. You can’t hate yourself to the point of love. It just doesn’t work. If it did, I would feel like Heidi Klum right now. But unfortunately, I don’t.

So, what’s a girl to do?


Say nice things to yourself. One of my resolutions is to say nice things about myself every day in the mirror.

  • It can be:
  • You are beautiful.
  • You’re stupid smart. 😉 …”I couldn’t resist that one.”
  • Your body is strong and capable.
  • You’re really funny and people love being around you.

These are all examples that we could be saying to ourselves on a daily basis, but instead we choose to say hateful things.


So, I challenge you today to say something good to yourself, but not just today…every day.

Because, whatever we say our body here’s and our mind believes. BE KIND. And remember whatever you do your children will do as well. So if you don’t want to love yourself for your sake do it for their’s.


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