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Pregnancy making you feel fat? Ummm, yeah.

Pregnancy making you feel fat? Ummm, yeah. Oops, I know I’m not supposed to say that out loud, but let’s get real, there are some days when being pregnant is not exactly a self-image booster.


For all we’re “fed” about how blissful & beautiful we’re “supposed” to feel during our pregnancy, shouldn’t there also be a place to come clean when pregnancy leaves you feeling like a flubber like  balloon? Pregnancy can mess with your body image psyche. Add a boatload of hormones into your already ballooning state, then stand back and prepare to experience a self-image meltdown or two.

I am pregnant. 16 weeks to be exact. And I FEEL big.  Part of me doesn’t care at all. I’m pregnant for crying out loud! And I am thrilled–lucky–to be having my first baby.  Still, I can’t say that being happy about a pregnancy makes you immune to body image issues….

Here’s a snippet from a conversation that took place between my husband and me last night:

Me: “I’m feeling fat, like, not just pregnant fat, but fatter than I should be.”
Wes: “Really?..(insert annoyed face) You’re pregnant.”
Me: “I’m serious! I’m too big for how far along, I am. Other pregnant people gain in their bellies. I’m gaining in my hips, butt and boobs!!!” So, I grab a small plate (that way I don’t fill the LARGE ONE with food and get bigger boobs.)

[Wes enters the room. And lifts his shirt to compare bellies.]

Wes: “Yeah, cause you know this is sexy! And what’s my excuse? (referring to his pretty non-existent belly. And rarely do you see a pregnant woman who gains just in her belly! “He takes the small plate away from he, hands me a large one and tell me, “you’re not starving my child!”
Me: Laughter and wanting to punch him all at once.

Where I Am

It’s not like I’m Jabba the Hut, but I’m the FURTHEST THING from “all belly” . Why does it bother me? Because I’ve lost my muscle and I feel like flubber. So,YEAH it bothers me.  I also think it’s hard to avoid obsessing about size when

  1. You have fought your entire life not to be overweight.
  2. You see cute, skinny pregnant people very time you open your computer, get on your phone or go to the mall.

Think about it: The first thing anyone does when they see a pregnant woman is stare at her body–then tell her she looks good or big or small or, the worst, ask her if it’s twins. 

So despite the fact that I am a very-happy-to-be-pregnant pregnant lady, I’m not 100 percent immune to this stuff, which is kind of a bummer.

How about you? Were you more or less body conscious when you were pregnant? How do you think you’ll handle pregnancy weight gain? –Susannah