Body Love Resolution: Accept Yourself…As Is

If you don’t lose any weight, will life suck?

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Today, is day one of the BODY LOVE PROJECT. Throughout this entire month I will be focusing on different aspects of loving myself just the way I am.

You see, I had a crazy revelation recently about our bodies and how it impacts our lives. I asked myself the question, “what if I never lost another pound? What if I wasn’t a size small and I didn’t fit into the cultural mold?”

“Would my life change, if I never lost anymore weight or decided to stay the same?”

The answer is a big fat NO! My life wouldn’t change. I would still have an incredible husband. My family would still love me just as much. My dog would still roll around in the floor with me and jump as soon as he sees me come in the door. I would still travel the world and live in adventure and passion. But most of all I would still make my mark in this world as Susannah. The fingerprints of my life would still be left on the life of another and that is what matters. 
I’ve truly come to believe that our confidence, strength and discipline are in direct correlation with the respect that we have for ourselves. If we love ourselves there will be no binging on food, eating overly large portions to console ourselves or missing out on activities that we truly enjoy simply because we are afraid of what others might think of us.
So. do you think that your life would be different if you didn’t lose any weight? Yes, we may have more clothes in our closets that fit, we may even have the opportunity to do more things. But the reality lies in the fact that we are incredible and our lives are beautiful just as they are. 
So for this month September I have set myself a list of resolutions. (You can download your own list here).

My resolutions are:

  1. Eat when hungry stop when full.
  2. Affirm myself in the mirror every day as I look at myself (get nudey for them, when possible)
  3. Wear something that I love and makes me feel good about myself.
  4. Write one sentence each day about why I love myself.
  5. Write one sentence each day about why others love me.
  6. Eat exactly what I want and savor each bite.
  7. Move my body because I like it (no sweat required).
  8. Thank your body for it’s worth not for its appearance. (Gratitude, prayer, intention.

Every day I will be checking these off like a to do list. Do you have a resolution?

This month my to do list is to accept myself “as is”.

What’s your resolution? Comment below and tell me about it. I’d love to know about your own body love project.

And don’t forget to share this journey with someone else. We are all in this together and if we’re honest with ourselves and others, The world can change. That’s when a revolution of love, self-love takes it!

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