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  • 14

    Preggers, Weight Gain and Love Handles.

    How far along?Β 14 weeks today! Total weight gain:Β 3 lbs. Maternity clothes?Β I have been wearing maternity jeans,Β because my HIPS DON’T LIE! I can get away with dresses and skirts for most of my clothes, but…

  • halfway-2

    Are you a Mirror Mean Girl?

    Can you say nice things about yourself or are you Mirror Mean Girl? Today, is day two of the body love project and I’m already struggling. Why? Well, I have become very accustomed to…

  • Body Mind

    The Body Love Project

    Since I was a teenager dieting and fitness, became my life. I am now 28 years old and more than half of my life has been consumed with thoughts of and my skinny enough,…