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Susannah Van

    Susannah Van

    Speaking & Events

    Healing Your Relationship With Your Food and Body Image Susannah is an experienced and engaging wellness speaker that specializes in educating, motivating and equipping women with practical tips and strategies for living a healthier and happier lifestyle. Susannah has shared the message of healthy eating with hundreds of people and has experience speaking to schools, faith based organizations, government agencies, conferences, and both large and small corporations. Susannah’s passion for speaking and sharing on health, wellness and spirituality is continually fueled by her…

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    Susannah Van

    Discover Essential Oils

    Ever smelled a rose and instantly felt more serene? Or a tasted a squeeze of lemon and felt more refreshed? How about a whiff of peppermint that helps you feel more alert? If so,…

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    Susannah Van

    Get the V.I.P. Experience

    You know you deserve to feel amazing, love your life, and be happy with your body, but you’re unsure where to start…Reclaim your body, confidence, and health NOW!   Your customized VIP experience will include the following: …