Follow Your Own Bliss


Follow Your Own Bliss

It’s the smile you can’t hide when your with friends.

The love you feel when you walk in grandmas kitchen.

The inside joke that no one knows, but you and your best friend.

It’s yours…all yours.

What’s Bliss?…What makes it Bliss?

The sacredness of the moment.

Just you. Just them.

It’s a holy hush, when God smiles and you feel it within.

There’s a “Blissed” moment for every heart & it’s a sacred touch…

it’s the heartbeat of God in that moment when nothing else matters,

just love


What does bliss mean?


  1. the joy of heaven
  2. perfect happiness
  3. great joy
  4. supreme happiness
  5. utter joy or contentment

I don’t know about you, but I want to live the joy of heaven…everyday.

What’s your bliss?

Follow It.


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