How to Use Your Bodytype to look great

 How to Use Your Bodytype to look great

Not all workouts bring out your best assets.

By tweaking your exercise routine your unique body shape whether you’re Hourglass, Circle, Triangle, Ruler or Inverted Triangle—you can help balance out your physique and make the most of your beautiful body.

Not sure what your body shape is?


Hourglass Body Shape
You go it! It’s exactly what it says. This body shape is curvy in all the right places: bust and booty. It’s pretty much a universal perception of what is womanly and attractive.

Celebrity Examples: You may have already guessed—Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Vergara and Christina Hendricks (the modern 50s gal from “Mad Men”) are hourglasses.

Fitness for Hourglass Body Shapes

You’re curvy up top and down below with a small waist—basically, the definition of a bombshell.

Best cardio routine: Mix it up! It’s s important to keep your body guessing. A sample week might include 3 one-hour workouts: Zumba one day, a treadmill incline walk and a boot camp class with a total body emphasis.

Best strength-training routine: 3-4 days a week of a strength training routine that focuses on balancing out the top to bottom ratio and keeping everything tight and toned!

For the upper body, use a moderate-heavy weight (one with which you can perform 3 sets of 9 to 12 reps) to do pushups, biceps curls, shoulder presses, and triceps dips to build definition and strength.

For the lower body, focus on the flutes, inner thighs, hamstrings and calves to complement the curve of your hips. That means dumbbell squats with a heavy to moderate weight, supine bridge curls with a stability ball and single-leg calf raises with a light to moderate weight. Try 3 sets of 12-15 reps for each.


Circle Body Shape
Commonly called apples, women with a circle body shape have smaller shoulders and hips. They also tend to have slender legs and a slim booty. But there’s always some place the fat has to go… With circles, it’s the middle: their stomachs.

Celebrity Examples: Drew Berrymore, Kate Winslet and Quenn Latifa. Some celebs fluctuate with this body shape, like Renée Zellweger. Jennifer Hudson also went from a circle shape to hourglass.

Fitness for Circle Body Shapes

Your smaller shoulders and hips—awesome legs and trim booty—are the fittest parts of your body. Your fat tends to fall right in the middle, around your stomach.

Best cardio routine: “Engage in extended cardio, where the target heart rate is elevated to the fat burning zone and stays there.” Power walking for 30 to 45 minutes is an ideal cardio workout for a Circle and 3-5x a week for great results. .

Interval training—short sprints of high-intensity cardio drills—is also great for Circle shapes.. “It boosts the metabolism even more than regular cardio workouts because the pace changes from slow to fast, challenging the body to work harder.”

Best strength-training routine: Do strength training two to three days a week for 30 to 45 minutes, suggests Bailey. Planking is your friend  (keeping your body long and straight, arms straight or bent at the elbow and shoulder-width apart, holding you in a hover above the ground)*3 sets of 30-45 seconds. The abs are your focus “Strengthening these muscles pulls the abdomen in like a girdle, giving a Circle a leaner look.”  Pushups are another great move that focuses on the abdomen, peform as many as possible with good form for 3 sets. a


Triangle Body Shape
This shape has a shapely bottom, with a smaller waist. Triangles are a classic , but feminine shape.

Celebrity Examples: Tons of actresses and singers, from Beyonce to Jennifer Lopez.

Fitness for Triangle Body Shapes

Best cardio routine: Walking, jogging, cycling or the elliptical machine are the go-to cardio workouts for Triangle body shapes. Try working up to 45 minutes of cardio five to six days per week. “Lower impact exercises are good, since its easier on your joints.”

Best strength-training routine: Yes,  it’s still important to do some lower-body exercises like squats and lunges, but Triangle shapes should emphasize upper body training in order to  balance out their booty with their upper body. Using a moderate to heavy weight, do three sets of 10 to 15 reps of each of these exercises: dumbbell chest press, lat pulldowns,  bicep curls, overhead triceps extensions, dumbbell shoulder presses and lateral raises. As the weight gets easier, increase the weight  and keep the reps low to increase definition and balance.


Did you see where you fit in and what you could change to make your body its best?

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