Smoothie Cheat sheet

Creating the perfect superfood smoothie can be tricky and confusing, but it leads to amazing health benefits,so don’t let it overwhelm you!! Here’s a great cheat sheet that will turn out perfect every single time {+ offer you some variety!}


Tip: Optional Add-ons

This is where you can really take your smoothie to the next level of nutrition and tastiness, and have lots of fun doing so. Many of the add-ons below can be incorporated into a number of smoothie recipes. As your smoothie skills develop, you’ll intuitively know which add-ons to use in which recipes.


Some smoothie recipes don’t have enough  sweet fruit to bypass a sweetener. So, to enhance the taste here are some good ones I recommend: Xylitol, stevia, Ideal Natural Sweetener and Truvia. Avoid the popular sweetener agave nectar!

Please comment below with your favorite combo! Have a beautiful day! ♡



Smoothie Cheat sheet

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