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DIY Cellulite Treatment

Bathing suits are almost here, cellulite got you down? The Quick DIY Cellulite Treatment Nix those dimples in no time and do it at home on the cheap. Those pesky dimples happen to the best of us; yes, even models and celebs aren’t immune. But with swimsuit season approaching fast, you might have cellulite on the brain—or at […]

Flat Abs, Tight Butt & Slim Legs in 3 moves!

Flat Abs, Tight Butt & Slim Legs in 3 moves!   Whether it’s a little fluff around your middle, a booty that’s needs a major perk up or legs that are due for a tone up this workout has you covered!   Think you can’t flatten your abs and lift your booty in just a few moves?  Think again! 1. Side Lunge […]

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