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How To Lose Back Fat

Back bulge around the bra area and an overflowing muffin top plague the majority of women, and there are lots of ways to feel more confident in your own skin with a little bit effort. Spot-reducing doesn’t work — but these healthy tips can help you achieve the results you’re after! 1. Bump Up Your Cardio. If you’re serious […]

Fast Fat Loss ~ Meal Plan

  ~Fast Fat Loss~ Meal Plan and Shopping List *Click above for entire Meal Plan Note: The carb cycling approach helps your body maximize the use of the carbs you give it, while switching the body to use fat as fuel more effectively. During low carb days, you will strategically fuel your body with carbs during the times it is most […]

Not Losing Weight? Here’s Why

Want to know why you aren’t losing weight? You’re making a stinky mess of things and don’t even know it. So, today we’re gonna look a little closer to see “WHY ” you’re not making progress and how to get back on track. Let’s say you’re a 5’5”, 30 year-old woman who weighs 135 lbs.  You need […]

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