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Ultimate Abs Plan~ FREE!!!

Ultimate Abs (click it/print it)   HOW YOU EAT MATTERS. Flat abs aren’t just built in the gym—they’re cooked up in the kitchen. For starters, you need to eat a sensible 1,400-1,600 calorie diet. But be strategic about where those calories come from. Certain foods can actually help regulate the hormones that tell our bodies where […]

Freebie Playlist

-Freebie Time– Here’s a sneak peak at a weekly playlist that’s included in your membership. No more guesswork on what~who to listen to. The work is already done for you. So, put your headphones on and get your fitness in. GO! August 11-16 (click PDF above for full download)  

Fast Fat Loss ~ Meal Plan

  ~Fast Fat Loss~ Meal Plan and Shopping List *Click above for entire Meal Plan Note: The carb cycling approach helps your body maximize the use of the carbs you give it, while switching the body to use fat as fuel more effectively. During low carb days, you will strategically fuel your body with carbs during the times it is most […]

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