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How to Use Your Bodytype to look great

 How to Use Your Bodytype to look great Not all workouts bring out your best assets. By tweaking your exercise routine your unique body shape whether you’re Hourglass, Circle, Triangle, Ruler or Inverted Triangle—you can help balance out your physique and make the most of your beautiful body. Not sure what your body shape is? Hourglass […]

Buns and Guns!

~Buns & Guns~ Everyone wants great arms and slim-athletic legs. Here’s your workout to get you there in no time! Bicep Curl/Lunge x12 (SWITCH LEGS), Deadlift/Upright Row x12, Squat/Military Press x12, Burpee x12. Repeat the circuit 3-5 times through. If it’s easy, get heavier weight. The 12th rep should be hard to do! Happy training!!! If you like, […]

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