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You know you deserve to feel amazing, love your life, and be happy with your body, but you’re unsure where to start…Reclaim your body, confidence, and health NOW!

Through working with me you'll:86529579

  • Learn how to lose weight without stress, double your energy, revitalize your spirit and feel beautiful in your skin.
  • Enjoy a fun, transformational day in the city with one-to-one immersion style coaching, as you flow into a customized guide just for you, your goals, and the life you want!
  • Have a eating plan and exercise regime specific to your unique body type. What if you could transform your life in one just day? How incredible would it be if your health, fitness, and nutrition was customized for your unique body type and goals? Now it is.
  • Identify your triggers, weight loss saboteurs, and transform your relationship with food!

Your customized VIP experience will include the following: 

  • 60 minute live - laser focused coaching session – To coach you through sabotaging behaviors and customize a plan to address your biggest challenges
  • Kitchen Confidential that includes:

                  – Cooking tutorials and Pantry Turnover  – To give you a plan that  your body what it is craving and needs + learning how to fuel your body to create the physique and life you want!

                 – Meal Staples including an easy & delicious Starter Guide:

  • Body & Mind Alignment session: Private 60 min session with me to connect ALL the dots of who you are, where you want to go, and finding your why for this transformation.
  • How to Stage Your Kitchen Guide: To save you time, money & promote your healthy eating lifestyle
  • Lean Pantry Guide: Which gives you the skinny on how to set up your pantry so you never have to diet again!
  • A “Success Pack” ($249 value): Recipe book to get you on your way to success, vitamin and supplement starter pack, and protein bars
  • A 30 minute telephone/video check-in session: To assess your progress & keep you on track (to be used within 6 months of your VIP Day)

This VIP day service is a live service that takes place in London, KY area only or other locations by special request (travel expenses will apply).

To be considered for a VIP Day please click here to complete the online application! 

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