What I do after a binge. Yep, I binge.

What to do after the binge
What I do after a binge. Yep, I binge.
What if I told you that I binged on food? Would you lose respect for me? Would the fitness pedestal that I’ve been placed on be ripped out from underneath me? These are the things I think about when I keep silent, but want to speak.
There are so many times where I am spot on with my training and my nutrition. I couldn’t be more perfect. But perfection is a lie and the more that we try to attain it, the harder we can fall.
I wish I could be flawless and never gain weight, emotional eat or fall like I have in the past…but the reality is, I do.

How do we break the cycle?

I wish I had all the answers, but I know the biggest key is loving yourself enough to get back up again.
When we over eat, make bad decisions or go in the opposite direction of where we want to go it feels like a hopeless cycle that keeps repeating itself . It’s the pain of being a fraud, someone who is undisciplined and is living a façade for the world to see.
But the reality is we’re not a frauds. We are overwhelmed with humanity and that makes us guilty of flaws.

So what do you need to do to break the binge?

1. Love yourself through it

Don’t be determined to hate yourself into doing the right thing. Self-loathing only creates a snowball effect in the pain within will eventually eat you up.
Self love is knowing that you’re worth the effort and that you’re able to change.

2. Admit when you’ve messed up

So many times we hide from the scale we hide when we eat and we don’t want anyone to know about mistakes.
But freedom comes when you when you’re honest with yourself and others. Honesty opens the door for true change, because when something has been brought into the light, secrecy and pain no longer has a hold of it.

3. Get back up

You can’t let the past control your future. You are in control every minute of the day and as soon as you realize your power the past is powerless.
So tell your old self “thank you for the lessons and for what you taught me, but it’s time for me to move on and become who I  am meant to be.”
Binging is not easy. People think that it is a lack of self-control the reality is, it is not.
It is the manifestation of so much worry, stress, exhaustion and restriction that is making it self evident within your life.
You become so disciplined that at some point you break and now it’s time to fight back.
So are you ready to fight?

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