Why do women get the leftovers?

Why do women get the leftovers?

Why Women get the L

No worries. I am not on a man bashing parade or running through town burning my bras, because of injustice in the world (seriously, they’re Victorias Secret. I can’t burn them!) Kidding, of course….

But I have been in a place of introspection and deliberate thought about my own life, who I am and what I am getting out of life. 

You know what I found? A whole lot of NOTHING. 

I have looked at my schedule, habits, lifestyle and even relationships to find patterns of why I am left feeling depleted and exhausted.

The reason? I GAVE IT ALL AWAY. 

I gave my energy, emotions, sweat and love…but I never stopped to receive the same things that I was pouring out. 

So what’s left for us? Scraps. The leftovers that no one wants. Including us!

So, how do we find it again? And by “it”, I mean OURSELVES, hearts, passion for life and enjoying the moment again.

We start a “What do I like?” Journey:

  • What do you love doing and could get lost in for hours?
  • What makes you feel MOST LIKE YOU?
  • When do you feel ridiculously happy and content in life?
  • If you had one day to ANYTHING you wanted to do, what would it be? (NO RESTRICTIONS)

Simply find what you like. NO MATTER HOW SMALL and make it a point to do it. At least a small portion of it.

So, if you have to lock your kids out of your room, turn up your music and jump in the tub…DO IT!

If we spend our entire lives running a race to hand water to all the other runners, we patch up their busted wounds and make sure their in tip top shape, THAT’S GREAT!…but did you really really run your race or were you so focused on everyone else that you never saw the cuts on your own feet, until it was too late.


Life is a balancing act of love, service and gratitude. Don’t forget that you deserve to be loved, served and have the right to be still and simply embrace gratitude, as well.Look down at your feet and if you see some cuts, bruises and scars it’s time to slow down and come back home…to you.


Stay Strong & Love Life,


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